Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Sounds of {aw}

Well, the big kids have completed their testing and all of the Littles have survived 2 days of begin locked up in the classroom.  It was a busy and chatty day today. The kids seem as though they have so much more to talk about on days that they are supposed to be SUPER QUIET.  We spent some of our time reviewing the {aw, au, al, o} sounds.  We played AWKWARD, looked for words with the \aw\ sound in books and magazines, and made a Yawning Dawn/Yawning Paul. You can get it {here} if it's something you could use to help reinforce this sound.   

EX.HAUST.ED!!  Oh and did I mention that I got a new kiddo, broke up an underground toy smuggling ring, and helped 22 children quietly and cautiously walk soup from the cafeteria to my classroom on styrofoam trays(what were the cafeteria ladies thinking).  I am so ready to go back to a normal day tomorrow.  It has been CUH.RAZ.Y!  

Oh, I should share a  few pics from Easter weekend.....I am so thankful for Mr. Sweet because without him we wouldn't have pictures of our family.....even the ones he is in.  Seriously, he's that good.
Date Night

Enjoying the weather

Isn't she precious??

Love them!!




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