Saturday, April 27, 2013

Something Old to Something New and FREE

After STAAR testing this week I was going through a Really Good Stuff magazine (I think I dog eared almost all the pages) and found a math game that looks very similar to an old game we have at home in our game closet.  So I started thinking, this looks really fun......I don't have any extra can I make this game???  This is what I came up with and the kids LOVED it!  So, I'm sharing this with you and I hope your kids LOVE it too.

Old Game

New Game
You can download the game {here}.  We have played this with our hundreds board so they understood that they could only use math vocabulary to ask questions.  

Okay, I'm a little all over the place right now but I'm LOVIN' was a beautiful day.  We started our weekend with my big Sass' last high school baseball game for his sophomore year (time is going too fast).  <---yes, just high school, he will begin his summer baseball soon...plenty more baseball to come.

Then my sweet little Sass started our Saturday with some softball. 

OH!OH!OH........And guess what my LOVE got me for our anniversary????  

A new ipad!!  I am super excited.  Yea, our anny is in June.  He said that he couldn't wait to give it to me and I'm okay with that.:)  Now, what apps should I get??? 

Sweet Dreams!!

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