Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poppin' Balloons...and Counting Down

Wow!  I didn't realize just how important the internet is at our house.  Ummm....well, it's pretty important.  I have missed it so.  Strange though, I finally talked with our internet provider and they said our modem was blown.  We ordered a new one and while waiting for it to arrive this one starts working again.  Hmmm.  Have I been tricked into buying a new one?  

Last time I blogged we were driving to Katy, Texas for my little sweet's DI competition.  It was a fun filled, jam packed 3 days. 

They didn't place but I think they did their BEST performance ever and we are determined that we will get to GLOBALS next year.  They are an amazing group of kiddos.

Okay, I guess I'll share some things we have done in the classroom this past week.  We spent some time learning the sound {oo, ew, ue}.  We wrote our words on balloons trying to spare paper.  It's seriously like GOLD around here.  Oh...oh...oh...I almost forgot I filled each ballon with a special treat for the class.  We will pop one each day as we count down to the last day of school. <-A friend shared this idea with me.  Let me just say that I am POSITIVE there is an easier way to stuff a balloon but I just rolled up the paper and carefully slid it in and blew up the balloon.  After blowing up a balloon for each kid in my class {22} I was seeing spots and light headed for the rest of the day.  That is really pathetic, I know.
I hung each ballon from on a clothespin from the ceiling.
You can pick up my small unit Poppin' Balloons {click here} not to be confused with Poppin' Tags. hehe! 

Have a Sweet day!


  1. I also did a balloon countdown last year, but with a little twist. I put letters in the balloons, and we chose one at random to pop each day. So, the student would tell me the letter and I would check 'the list' diligently for the day's special treat...but I already had the days planned. (I am way too organized to have a surprise first thing in the morning!)

    Some of our treats were getting a brand new 'fancy' pen and being able to use it all day, walking to the vending machine at the end of the block where I bought everyone a drink (you should have seen them trying to be low key as we were going/returning!) and having paper airplane contests in the hallway. I loved that class and did ten thinking this year five is all I can handle!

    PS: Thankfully I had a balloon inflator from our science kit! Otherwise I would have passed out!