Friday, April 12, 2013

On the Road...

Hi friends!!! I have been trying to blog since Monday! My Internet has been down...ugh! you do realize that if my Internet was up and running I wouldn't have time to blog.
Yes, I do realize that it's mid afternoon and I should be teaching and igniting little imaginations, challenging little minds, and creating a desire to learn more.....BUT I'm on the road. I am headed to Katy, Tx to watch my baby compete at state DI competition. We are super EXCITED and super PROUD. On our way we czeched in at The Little Czech Bakery. {GASP!!} Really!! It was silly good.

I wanted to share some fun things we have been doing and share some goodies BUT (you're never going to believe this) I'm blogging from my iPhone (skills....y'all) so I'll share goodies when I get home (fingers crossed) our Internet is working.
Have a Sweet Day!!!

1 comment:

  1. What do you say before DI competition? (Break a leg doesn't seem right...break a brain?)

    I love kolaches...the first town I taught in had a large Czech population, so you could find them at all the grocery stores. Love the raspberry ones best!