Saturday, April 20, 2013

{FREEBIE} Story Elements in a BIG Way

Well, we've been going over story elements in a big way this week.  I adore and follow the talented Amy Lemmons @ Step Into 2nd Grade and she shared {story element posters} that I printed out last year and super excited that I get to use them this year.  Thanks Amy for saving me some work.  You can {click here} to get a set.

First, we spent time talking about the setting {when and where the story takes place}.  We pretended that we were travel agents, so we made a travel brochure to visit the setting.  We really had to think and use clues from the story to plan a vacation to the setting.  We filled out our travel brochures and shared ALL the things that the reader can see, hear, and/or experience at the setting of their story.

Each student chose their own book to read and make a travel brochure.  This student read Teddy's Surprise and wants you to visit Paul's House {the setting}. 

This student read The Bernstain Bears and would like you to visit the tree house {the setting}.
If you visit this place you will get to hold a baby bear {gasp!}.  Fun!!

You can pick these up {here}.  It's a FREEBIE!

After we spent time with the setting, we spent time discussing the characters {person or animals the story is mainly about}.  Then we made a scrapbook page for the main character.  We used clues from the author to help us figure out more about the character.  We read The Library Mouse and discussed the two characters Sam and Tom.  The kids decided which character they wanted to create a page for.

{click here to find out more}
I think these turned out great!  So clever.  One student wrote a full story in a small 3D book that she made to attach to her scrapbook page.  So creative (and it was a great story).

<-------notice the cute little book


<------------notice the pencil made from scrap material because Sam {main character} enjoys writing.

<-------This student used old scrap material to make wallpaper for the library wall because she knows that Sam {main character} enjoys staying in the library

Finally, we spent our last day recreating the plot of the story.  The students created newspaper articles sharing the plot of the story. (No pics of that one...sorry) After we finished each activity throughout the week, we then read The Mysterious Tadpole, this story is from our basal but it is a cute story and the kids really enjoy it. 

{click here to find out more}
I then gave each group butcher paper {insert angels singing here}.  This was sooo special and exciting.  They LOVED it.  One group was responsible for creating the characters, one group was responsible for creating the setting, and the final group was responsible for creating the plot.  They did a fabulous job!  

Well, I hope y'all have a Sweet Saturday!!

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