Sunday, April 28, 2013

See You Tuesday......@ Instagram

Well, of course, I'm joining the Instagram craze. I love pictures!! Sad fact though, I can't actually take a good pic, so the filters in Instagram are what I fell in LOVE with when I first joined.

I'm super excited about this because I LOVE pictures the most. Some of my favorite blogs, the ones that I stalk follow share LOTS of pictures. So just the thought of all the teachers out there sharing pictures on Tuesday.........EEEEKKKK! ----makes me nerdy excited. hehe!
You can find me
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Something Old to Something New and FREE

After STAAR testing this week I was going through a Really Good Stuff magazine (I think I dog eared almost all the pages) and found a math game that looks very similar to an old game we have at home in our game closet.  So I started thinking, this looks really fun......I don't have any extra can I make this game???  This is what I came up with and the kids LOVED it!  So, I'm sharing this with you and I hope your kids LOVE it too.

Old Game

New Game
You can download the game {here}.  We have played this with our hundreds board so they understood that they could only use math vocabulary to ask questions.  

Okay, I'm a little all over the place right now but I'm LOVIN' was a beautiful day.  We started our weekend with my big Sass' last high school baseball game for his sophomore year (time is going too fast).  <---yes, just high school, he will begin his summer baseball soon...plenty more baseball to come.

Then my sweet little Sass started our Saturday with some softball. 

OH!OH!OH........And guess what my LOVE got me for our anniversary????  

A new ipad!!  I am super excited.  Yea, our anny is in June.  He said that he couldn't wait to give it to me and I'm okay with that.:)  Now, what apps should I get??? 

Sweet Dreams!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

No More Testing...........YAY!!

As hard as it is to be stuck in the classroom for 8 hours with no break, I honestly would prefer that than administering the STAAR test.  Do you realize the hours that we (teachers) have to spend on training each year JUST to administer the test??  Ugh, it makes my tummy hurt.  When I'm not administering the test we get so much accomplished in the classroom, it makes me wonder how we ever get anything finished on a normal day.  Well, with all that being said, I have not been in the classroom for the past 2 days because I have been administering the test.  I'm so happy it's over and I know the poor kiddos are too.  My kids seemed to enjoy themselves with the sub.  One of my sweets told the sub he was in charge of our ladybugs and that "I wanted him to keep the house on his desk to take care of all day." <-What?!  She believed him.  Of course, the other kids told on him as soon as they saw me. :) Funny!

Sooooo, with all that being said I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY to be back in the classroom today.  (even with the spring fever running rampant in the room)  Speaking of Spring many of you have some fantastic ideas to help with with behavior during these last few weeks of school.  The Amazing Teacher Wife made a giant game board.  I love this idea.  {Click here to read what she is doing with this.}

I also found A Cupcake for the Teacher that is doing a fun behavior chart with jewels. {ooh la la}  Click here to read more about what she is doing and you can download this one for free.  

I don't want to implement too many things BUT I know that I need to do something to spice things up and get us through the next six weeks.  I love these ladies ideas and would love to read more ideas about what you are doing.  Please leave me a link in the comments.  I'd LOVE to visit your blog and read all about it.    

Are you changing anything to help with the kids spring fever??  I'd LOVE to read about it.

Have a SWEET day!!  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Five for Friday on a Sunday??

Ummm.......not even sure if this is okay but I'm doing it anyway.  :)  It's just so much easier to revisit the past week on Sunday {Fun day} rather than Friday {Fried day}.  So I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching....... 2 days. :)
 It's that time of year when everyone gets a little crazy..........including teachers and the things we do to keep the kiddos excited, focused, and motivated.  Would you do the Harlem Shake????  Well, we would and did!!  Check us out.
 {this is a video we made for our principal.......we were hoping to give her a better idea of our faculty meetings when she is away}
This makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it and although we originally started off making one for the kids......I think it was more therapeutic for us.  We relaxed and belly laughed!!  We will show the kids the video we made for them during our ROCK THE STAAR assembly on Monday.
In honor of Earth Day, my sweet family planted a vegetable garden on Saturday.  Isn't it beautiful.
Yes, it looks a lot like a vegetable prison but we have a puppy the size of a horse that is still chewing on things.  So this is to keep him out.
On Sunday it was obvious our puppy is a vegetarian and nothing will stop him from getting what he wants. {sigh........}
 {see the evidence hanging from his mouth}    
Little Sass is soooo ready to swim that she thought she would give a try.  The temp is sitting at 68 degrees.....obviously still a little too cold.  She couldn't get out fast enough.
Little Sass finished her 3rd grade market product.  She will be selling these to her classmates on Friday.  The past month she has been earning money in her classes to pay for her sale booth and to buy products that her classmates will have at their booths.

Have a Super Sweet Sunday! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

{FREEBIE} Story Elements in a BIG Way

Well, we've been going over story elements in a big way this week.  I adore and follow the talented Amy Lemmons @ Step Into 2nd Grade and she shared {story element posters} that I printed out last year and super excited that I get to use them this year.  Thanks Amy for saving me some work.  You can {click here} to get a set.

First, we spent time talking about the setting {when and where the story takes place}.  We pretended that we were travel agents, so we made a travel brochure to visit the setting.  We really had to think and use clues from the story to plan a vacation to the setting.  We filled out our travel brochures and shared ALL the things that the reader can see, hear, and/or experience at the setting of their story.

Each student chose their own book to read and make a travel brochure.  This student read Teddy's Surprise and wants you to visit Paul's House {the setting}. 

This student read The Bernstain Bears and would like you to visit the tree house {the setting}.
If you visit this place you will get to hold a baby bear {gasp!}.  Fun!!

You can pick these up {here}.  It's a FREEBIE!

After we spent time with the setting, we spent time discussing the characters {person or animals the story is mainly about}.  Then we made a scrapbook page for the main character.  We used clues from the author to help us figure out more about the character.  We read The Library Mouse and discussed the two characters Sam and Tom.  The kids decided which character they wanted to create a page for.

{click here to find out more}
I think these turned out great!  So clever.  One student wrote a full story in a small 3D book that she made to attach to her scrapbook page.  So creative (and it was a great story).

<-------notice the cute little book


<------------notice the pencil made from scrap material because Sam {main character} enjoys writing.

<-------This student used old scrap material to make wallpaper for the library wall because she knows that Sam {main character} enjoys staying in the library

Finally, we spent our last day recreating the plot of the story.  The students created newspaper articles sharing the plot of the story. (No pics of that one...sorry) After we finished each activity throughout the week, we then read The Mysterious Tadpole, this story is from our basal but it is a cute story and the kids really enjoy it. 

{click here to find out more}
I then gave each group butcher paper {insert angels singing here}.  This was sooo special and exciting.  They LOVED it.  One group was responsible for creating the characters, one group was responsible for creating the setting, and the final group was responsible for creating the plot.  They did a fabulous job!  

Well, I hope y'all have a Sweet Saturday!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poppin' Balloons...and Counting Down

Wow!  I didn't realize just how important the internet is at our house.  Ummm....well, it's pretty important.  I have missed it so.  Strange though, I finally talked with our internet provider and they said our modem was blown.  We ordered a new one and while waiting for it to arrive this one starts working again.  Hmmm.  Have I been tricked into buying a new one?  

Last time I blogged we were driving to Katy, Texas for my little sweet's DI competition.  It was a fun filled, jam packed 3 days. 

They didn't place but I think they did their BEST performance ever and we are determined that we will get to GLOBALS next year.  They are an amazing group of kiddos.

Okay, I guess I'll share some things we have done in the classroom this past week.  We spent some time learning the sound {oo, ew, ue}.  We wrote our words on balloons trying to spare paper.  It's seriously like GOLD around here.  Oh...oh...oh...I almost forgot I filled each ballon with a special treat for the class.  We will pop one each day as we count down to the last day of school. <-A friend shared this idea with me.  Let me just say that I am POSITIVE there is an easier way to stuff a balloon but I just rolled up the paper and carefully slid it in and blew up the balloon.  After blowing up a balloon for each kid in my class {22} I was seeing spots and light headed for the rest of the day.  That is really pathetic, I know.
I hung each ballon from on a clothespin from the ceiling.
You can pick up my small unit Poppin' Balloons {click here} not to be confused with Poppin' Tags. hehe! 

Have a Sweet day!

Friday, April 12, 2013

On the Road...

Hi friends!!! I have been trying to blog since Monday! My Internet has been down...ugh! you do realize that if my Internet was up and running I wouldn't have time to blog.
Yes, I do realize that it's mid afternoon and I should be teaching and igniting little imaginations, challenging little minds, and creating a desire to learn more.....BUT I'm on the road. I am headed to Katy, Tx to watch my baby compete at state DI competition. We are super EXCITED and super PROUD. On our way we czeched in at The Little Czech Bakery. {GASP!!} Really!! It was silly good.

I wanted to share some fun things we have been doing and share some goodies BUT (you're never going to believe this) I'm blogging from my iPhone (skills....y'all) so I'll share goodies when I get home (fingers crossed) our Internet is working.
Have a Sweet Day!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Sounds of {aw}

Well, the big kids have completed their testing and all of the Littles have survived 2 days of begin locked up in the classroom.  It was a busy and chatty day today. The kids seem as though they have so much more to talk about on days that they are supposed to be SUPER QUIET.  We spent some of our time reviewing the {aw, au, al, o} sounds.  We played AWKWARD, looked for words with the \aw\ sound in books and magazines, and made a Yawning Dawn/Yawning Paul. You can get it {here} if it's something you could use to help reinforce this sound.   

EX.HAUST.ED!!  Oh and did I mention that I got a new kiddo, broke up an underground toy smuggling ring, and helped 22 children quietly and cautiously walk soup from the cafeteria to my classroom on styrofoam trays(what were the cafeteria ladies thinking).  I am so ready to go back to a normal day tomorrow.  It has been CUH.RAZ.Y!  

Oh, I should share a  few pics from Easter weekend.....I am so thankful for Mr. Sweet because without him we wouldn't have pictures of our family.....even the ones he is in.  Seriously, he's that good.
Date Night

Enjoying the weather

Isn't she precious??

Love them!!