Saturday, March 30, 2013

Brief Catch Up...

Well, it's been about 2 weeks so it's time for an update.  The most recent excitement was Thursday at school when the kids spotted REAL. LIVE. BABY. BUNNIES. at recess.  They were so precious and the kids were convinced the the Easter Bunny left them for us for Easter, of course.

We also took out the ladybug catcher and caught a few ladybugs to love on.  The kids INSISTED that they were laying eggs.  I've got to look into this because I am not sure if it was eggs or poop.(geez)  Between pregnant ladybugs and baby bunnies they said it was their best. day. ever.  They make me laugh.  

I have started 3 different units that I am currently working on but just can't seem to finish any of them.  This is a problem and I think I need help. :/   I am so grateful to all the teachers that can finish a unit and I wanted to share some of the great ones that I used this week.

We spent time on the moon with Abby Mullin's {Over the Moon Unit}, reviewed bossy R sounds with Michelle Hudgeon's {Fun with "Bossy R" Unit}, and I also used Michelle's {Number Work Bundle} for some of my kids in tutoring this week.  Thanks girls for finishing your units, they are perfect!!   

Okay, I'm off to clean.  Have a Sweet Saturday!

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