Saturday, March 30, 2013

Brief Catch Up...

Well, it's been about 2 weeks so it's time for an update.  The most recent excitement was Thursday at school when the kids spotted REAL. LIVE. BABY. BUNNIES. at recess.  They were so precious and the kids were convinced the the Easter Bunny left them for us for Easter, of course.

We also took out the ladybug catcher and caught a few ladybugs to love on.  The kids INSISTED that they were laying eggs.  I've got to look into this because I am not sure if it was eggs or poop.(geez)  Between pregnant ladybugs and baby bunnies they said it was their best. day. ever.  They make me laugh.  

I have started 3 different units that I am currently working on but just can't seem to finish any of them.  This is a problem and I think I need help. :/   I am so grateful to all the teachers that can finish a unit and I wanted to share some of the great ones that I used this week.

We spent time on the moon with Abby Mullin's {Over the Moon Unit}, reviewed bossy R sounds with Michelle Hudgeon's {Fun with "Bossy R" Unit}, and I also used Michelle's {Number Work Bundle} for some of my kids in tutoring this week.  Thanks girls for finishing your units, they are perfect!!   

Okay, I'm off to clean.  Have a Sweet Saturday!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Is it REALLY over??

Ohhh Spring Break........please don't GO!  I've enjoyed my time with you.  I cannot believe that tomorrow at 5:00 a.m.I will be getting up and ready for school.  Yes, I am concerned that it is after 9 p.m. and I am just now sitting down to blog....I'm still in Spring Break mode.  I do LOVE my breaks.  I LOVE the time I get to spend with my family and I LOVE getting excited all over again about being in the classroom.  

We spent the 2nd half of our week in Texarkana watching the USPCA Region 20 K9 trials.  My sweet husband is one of the judges and loves being around the dogs.  I couldn't wait to get down there to see him.....oh and the dogs.  No, really I LOVE watching the dogs work.  I think they are so stinkin' cute!  

We are apart of an organization that helps retired police dogs, 10-7 K9.  You can visit the facebook page {click here} to see more pictures from the trial.  

While we were at the trials I got this ReAlLy cool foot tan.......
Thank goodness I was wearing jeans.  It was so nice out, I had no idea I was roasting my poor feet.  Yes, it hurts.  Aloe Vera is my new favorite lotion.  This will be a great show and tell for school tomorrow and we can discuss the importance of wearing sunscreen.  

We spent time watching my Big Sweetie play some baseball.  Oh how I LOVE to watch him play.

My Little Sweetie and I enjoyed some ice cream outside.  The weather was AMAZING!

That's it!!  We have come to an end, now let the countdown begin to summer.  

Monday, March 11, 2013

5 Random Things....

Oh, where to start???  First I am super excited to be on Spring Break.  Did I say "excited"?  I mean "ecstatic"!!!....and not because I have anything planned BUT because I have NOTHING planned.  It's nice to get up and do whatever I want.  Today was beautiful and we took full advantage of it.  So I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share my random 5, I like to call mine "Five for Monday". :)

{ONE}  Started my day with a run.  It felt REALLY good.  I realize some of you will look at this and think {weak} but it's been a little while so I'm proud of this.  My lil' sass picked our route.

{TWO}  We spent some time at the park.  The teeter totter was a killer on my quads.  I was basically doing squats while straddling a moving bar.  My 135 lbs to her 50 lbs didn't quite match up, haha!!  She was making me laugh so I got a bonus ab workout too.  

We walked around the pond and chased the ducks and LOOK, we found an egg. 

{THREE}  My bestie takes the most beautiful pictures (comparable to my husband) and she had little bunnies and baby chicks (except we think the chicks were going through puberty) that she was using for photo shoots, so she invited us to come out.  Okay!!  We are on our way!!  She probably won't be happy with me sharing her sneak peek on here but I'm not actually sure she reads these, so I might be safe.  I CANNOT wait to see them!!

{FOUR}  My son has been dying to take us to Bahama Bucks (shaved ice).  So after pictures we treated ourselves to flavored ice.  I had to take a picture of the moment.  Little Sass said she was so nervous and excited....what does that mean? ha!!..and my Big Sass felt like pictures of our time together was unnecessary (notice his excited expression).  So cute!!

{FIVE}  This one is a little old BUT since I haven't posted in awhile it's okay.  Little Sass's DI team won 2nd place and The Renaissance Award.  They will compete at the state level in Katy, Tx next month.  Super Proud!!

Well, that's my random 5 (or 6). Last month I had tried several times to upload the following post but it would not go through, so if you're not tired of reading yet, then enjoy my last month post:

I wanted to share our Valentine Book Reports with all of ya'll!!  They turned out soooo stinkin' cute.  Thank you One Extra Degree for the fabulous idea.  I customized the book report sheet to cover specific skills that we are learning in the classroom.  You can pick up my book report template {here}.  Then the kids decorated their Valentine Box to coordinate with the book that they chose.  I love it when the kids share books that are special to them.  

This student decorated the inside of his box too.  Precious!!

I think they did a fabulous job!! 
Now, off to bed I go.  Good night!!