Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Surviving the 100th Day of School...

Oh. My. Word.....What a day!  I'm not sure what was crazier my day at school or coming home to a German Shephard Zoo! (we are puppy sitting-but we have a very small backyard with a pool and neither one of the puppies know how to find the steps so, keeping them outside is NOT an option)  In the meantime, they are chasing each other through my very small house, knocking lamps off tables, pictures off shelves, and they sound as though there are 20 of them rather than 2.  Oh and did I mention the daddy German Shephard is here, and a little Yorkie that is trying to play chase with the other 2 dogs...IN THE HOUSE.  Okay, home wins!!---It's crazier at home.

100 days in 2nd grade has flown by this year!  Where did the time go??  

Last year I purchased Lesson Plans SOS, Surviving the 100th day of School and did those activities.  This year, we created our own activities but still used the theme.  We dressed in camo and the kids separated into tribes.  They made flags for their tribe and came up with a name.  Last year I bought bandannas for each tribe, this year we used sentence strips to  go around our heads. ;0 They kids LOVED having challenges.  I challenged them to:

100 piece puzzle

write and solve 100 math problems (as a team)

write their new sight words and spelling words this week 100 times 

make a 100 inch paper chain

make 100 valentine cards for the nursing home in town (we did this as a class)

and then several 100 second activities in between.  Busy, busy, busy day!

The kiddos informed me that I taught them something today. (this is good-considering I try everyday :)

I put out 3 jars of popcorn kernels, 1st jar was filled to the top, 2nd jar was half full, and the 3rd jar looked to have barely any in it (this one had 100 kernels).  They had to discuss with their tribe which one they thought had 100 and make a unanimous decision. one guessed the right jar.  They just couldn't believe it and had to count for themselves.  This is when one of my kiddos said "Wow, you really taught us something today."  Haha!  That's good.

At some point during the day, we found time to write about what it will be like when we are 100 years old.  I took pictures of the kids with an age progression app and attached it to their writing piece.  They LOVED and HATED it.  We all had a good laugh!! 

Some of the kids said that when they are 100 they will have wheelchair races and spend the day in a robe yelling at kids to get off their lawn!

Have a super duper day Sweet Friends!!