Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Super LOVE

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little girl!!--and this weekend she will be turning 9!!!  Oh goodness.  She has also informed me that this is her "last one digit year".  What?!  I never really thought of that, thanks sass for keeping me on my toes. :)  So, to celebrate her birthday, her grandparents came to town last weekend and we took her to the American Girl store and Bistro.  

She said she wanted to do this rather than have a big party with a bunch of friends.  Now, I'm thinking a BIG PARTY and LOTS of friends might have worked out financially better for us.  ha!!  We had so much fun!!  I LOVED watching her face light up, her tiny voice squeal, and watching her run from one thing to another. 

They had a salon for the dolls?!!!? What?!! and They brought drinks out for the doll?!!!??  Seriously!!  She said it was her best birthday EVER.  After all of that I feel like we have adopted a new member to our family.  :)

This is definitely a week filled with LOVE!  In class we have been reading a book about a super hero and of course lots of Valentine stories, so I made a little SUPER hero craftivity and activities for the kids to enjoy.  We are also learning to write friendly letters.  We have exchanged class list within our grade levels and will be sending letters by the end of the week.  I LOVE getting letters.  Don't you??  Stop by and pick up my SUPER hero writing and activities pack.  
{click here for unit} 

Have a Sweet Day!!  Lots of Love!!


  1. Your daughter is gorgeous! (And her doll is a dead ringer for her!) Having bought Coconut, a camping set and heaven knows what else for my niece, I can relate to what you are saying about the cost of her 'small' party! She'll remember it forever, so think of it as a good investment!