Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oh Me, Oh My!! Long e and i Spelled with y

Hi Sweet Friends!!  I have soooo much to do today but instead of working on things that I should be doing I've decided to blog. {very responsible} Plus, I'm super duper sore from all the playing I did yesterday.  {embarressing} It was a BEEEEAUTIFUL day yesterday, so we spent a LOT of time outside.  We played lots of basketball (at the park -- we can save the trash can for another day) and LOTS of Australian 4 square. -- My sweet honey got so excited as we played, he started remembering all his playground days.  I'm not sure why after 12 years of being married I'm just now learning Australian 4 square BUT we all loved it!  Of course, he's the only one from Australia so he could tell us anything and we'd believe it. ;) (for instance, he is ALL TIME Ace??....that sounds kinda funny to me, haha!) 

Okay, the reason I'm blogging today...........I wanted to share this little activity pack that  I just finished using in the classroom this week.  I'd LOVE for you to pick it up if it's something that you could use.              

My kids did a fantastic job with these activities.  This activity pack includes a flap book sort, center game, SCOOT, dividing syllables, and creating silly sentences.  Stop by my TPT store to pick it up for free.  

Now, I'm off to get ready for some FOOTBALL!!  

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