Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To Be Free or Not To Be........And A Freebie!

So.......I've been I hurting other teachers by not charging for my activities??  I sure hope not and HONESTLY I'm quite sure I'm not even a competitor. {not that I'm trying to compete}  Remember, when I said in another blog that I am so thankful for other teacher bloggers??  Well I am......and I have purchased A LOT {TONS} of units that I am so grateful for and MOST were worth the money and more.  There have been times that I have NEEDED a unit but just couldn't spend any money and GUESS WHAT??? I would find the perfect FREEBIE {insert the party music here}.  I realize I am rambling so I will get to the point.  As I was uploading a unit onto TPT the other day and there was a message next to the price stating that I should at least charge $1 because otherwise I would be hurting sales for another teacher.  Oh no! So I went back through and priced the majority of my big units.  This has honestly been weighing on me.  Seriously!! I just don't feel like I am there yet.  I want to share with other teachers BUT I don't feel like they are worth paying for yet.  <----Please notice the word {yet}!  There may come a time that feel differently but as of right now I want to share my creations and be the {party music} for another teacher.  

So if everything is free then I am better than the Dollar Tree!!  I hope that I have something that you can use.  Stop by TPT and see.  Here is my latest freebie...

All I ask is that you would leave me feedback and follow my blog.  Have a great night sweet friends!


  1. Interesting points. On the other hand, my husband cannot imagine that teachers have to spend their OWN money on things at Target, the Dollar Tree and TPT to teach with. So, I am grateful when I run across free items that we can use. (OK, I am still using my own printer ink as we don't have a color copier at school...another thorn in my side!)

  2. I don't think your hurting anyone. I also saw that message on TPT and thought it was kind of strange. I see nothing wrong with people offering things for free. We are teachers and it's great to find free resources when we can, seeing as we spend a ton of our own money on stuff. I always appreciate it when teachers put out good freebies that are worthwhile and usable. I later come back and check all their new free {and priced} items because I know that their products are good.

    Learning In Wonderland

  3. I appreciate everything you've posted for free (and for a price)! Sometimes when you are in a pinch at school it's nice to be able to find a freebie that you can just print and go :)


  4. Thank you for this cause and effect material. Sometimes this is a tough concept to make clear to my resource kiddos and the charts will help a lot.