Monday, January 7, 2013

Snow Many Compound Words!!

Am I blowing your mind???  Two posts within the same month {gasp!}....  This is probably throwing everyone off but I wanted to share the compound word activities that we are doing this week in class.......AND wearing our compound words to school.  FUN!!  We are going to be a walking Highlight Hidden Picture Activity.  Sound silly??  Good, the kids will remember them then.  I might post again later this week with pics but no promises.  I've already broke records with this post tonight.  It was such a busy, fun, and very productive day in my classroom...UNTIL...2:50.  This is when I realized that I hadn't copied my newsletter for this week because our school server went down.  So I quickly got the kids writing about the mission of the Navajo Code Talkers (not a lot info out...just saying) and I was going to briefly sit down and type something out real quick (seriously, the only time my principals visit..I'm thinking there might be a buzzer in my chair :)  Anyway, I was frantically typing because we leave at 3:00 and my sweet principal came in to visit a student of mine, my classroom phone started ringing, and announcements over the intercom came on.  Shhheeessshhh!!.....I just got stressed out all over again.  Oh, and when I sent the papers to the copier...GUESS WHAT?? paper.  So a teammate helped me and I stuffed newsletters in backpacks as we ran down the hall to catch buses.  No one was left behind and I didn't have any newsletters left over.  SCORE!!!

Okay, compound words and activities....focus.  

This unit has a letter to parents for Compound Word Day, fun snack ideas, 3 games to play with compound words, a syllable sort, partner relay, abc order, and writing templates for a creative compound story.  

Sweet Dreams Friends!

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