Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ready or Not?!

Wow!  I have throughly enjoyed my time off but I have to tell you that I am getting excited about going back and seeing the kids.  Oh.....the stories they will want to share, I can't wait to hear them all!!  I cannot stress the importance of these breaks......I think it is super important that teachers are excited about teaching because it's infectious and the kids get excited about learning. I don't have fantastic BLOW YOUR MIND activities planned but I'm ready to jump back in and get started.  Part of my discipline/classroom management within the classroom is our BROWNIE POINT pan for the class.  Use the template to make your own.  Just cut them out, add magnets to the back, and place a cookie sheet in the classroom.  My is hung near my door in the classroom.  Sorry no pics. BOO!

Each time my class receives a compliment we add a brownie to our pan.  At the beginning of the school year we made a list of rewards and voted on one to receive when our pan was filled, the kids chose a Show and Tell Day.  Well guess what????  We reached our goal!!!  Perfect timing to show off something new.  We will celebrate our Show and Tell Day this Friday.  Please feel free to use my letter if this is something you want to do or plan to do in the future. {click here}

When we return we will begin reading Officer Gloria and Buckle.  I LOVE this story.  Partly because it's a cute story but MOSTLY because I have my very own Officer Buckle and Gloria at my home.....well, not actually Officer Buckle and Gloria but my very own K9 officer and K9 living at my home.  My Mr. Sweet is always happy to come and speak with the kids about the importance of the K9 and their relationship with each other. I love it!!  Just this past year our K9 had to retire so I'm not sure that he will get to visit with the kids.....but I'm thankful that he gets to spend his retirement with us.  And with or without K9 Boomer, Mr. Sweet is always too happy to talk with kids about their job.  

Because going over and over and over the main idea and details are important, I've made an Office Buckle Craftivity for the kids to make after writing the main idea and details from the story.  And of course the talented Bubbly Blonde has made a great activities {click here for activities} to go along with the story.  
                                                   {click here for template}

I think we will also make our own classroom safety posters....

Well, it's time to get ready for the week.