Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Famous Americans Project

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when the kids complete a project and they are SO proud to share it with the class.  This was a project that was sent home and the kids were expected to do on their own time with their parents (help) as a parent I understand a little of the dread of an at-home project BUT that's because we are looking at it ALL wrong.  

What an awesome and precious time that you get to spend with your child learning new things??....talking??....asking questions?? 

Your are making treasured memories!!--and if you could only see your child's face when they bring their project to school!!  They are beaming with pride AND CANNOT WAIT to share all their new knowledge with their classmates.  

The kids get to picked from a list of 50 or so people and then I sent home a list of different ways to present their information to the class.

Pizza Box
(Abigail Adams)

(George Washington)

Power Point
(Jackie Robinson)

Shoebox/Cereal Box
(John Deere)

(Florence Nightengale)

Every presentation had to include certain information.  Don't you just LOVE them???!!!  

What are the other kids doing while someone is presenting???  They are listening for one fact AND drawing a picture of the person that they are learning about.  

  You can see the sheet that I used below. 

{click here if you would like to use it}

Sweet Dreams Friends!


  1. These are always my favorite things to see in second grade each year! You are amazing!!

  2. Love this idea! It's so hard to get them to pay attention when it's not their turn....PERFECT!