Monday, January 21, 2013

Baseball Antonyms

Hi Sweet Friends!!  It's been a wonderful weekend.  I would just like to suggest to my school district.......a teacher workday at the end of each six weeks.......would be perfect.  If you know someone from my school district that handles this kind of request would you kindly pass this message on for me???  Thanks!  I had a workday on Friday and then we were out today for MLK Holiday.  I feel ready to begin a new six weeks tomorrow. :)  My plan is to spend some time discussing MLK.  I like to read 
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and I found a free mini unit on TPT that I will use with it.  I couldn't get a picture but you can click the TPT link to see if it's something you could also use.  We will also be spending time reading 

Have I mentioned that I {heart} baseball??  Well I do and I realize that I am a little early but this story is next in our basal and because the weather was so nice this weekend my sweet family was able to spend a little time at the ballfields. 

Even our little "Norman" was enjoying some time shagging balls.  Now if we could only get him to put them into the bucket.....that'd be great.  

Okay, Baseball Antonyms, because we are reading Luke Goes to Bat and learning about antonyms I made a small game to play.  If it's nice outside that is where we will be, if not we will play in the classroom.  

I would LOVE for you to play too!  Click the link above to get it for free.  

Sweet Dreams Friends!

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