Friday, January 25, 2013

Sequencing and a Sticky Ball

Remember I told you that I LOVE baseball?!?!  Well, we spent this week reading books about baseball and stories with a baseball theme.  Our goal this week was to practice recalling the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  After reading Luke Goes to Bat the kids had to write something important that happened in the beginning of the story, an important event in the middle of the story, and how the story ended.  We used baseballs to record our answers and then.......I gave them 1 piece of manilla paper and told them to incorporate their baseballs in a picture.  Have I mentioned how creative my class is????  I think that they are fantastic.  Look at some of the pictures that they came up with....

A few of the kids made their picture 3 dimensional!!  Greatness!!  I didn't get any pictures of the our notecard sort BUT you can use the template if you want.  I would stop periodically throughout the story and allow the kids to write an important event from the beginning, middle, and the end of the story.  Then the kids illustrated their sentences, cut the cards apart, and tested a classmate on whether they could put the story back in the correct order.  I think they did a fabulous job.  

{Click here} if you would like to use my templates.  

Finally, I want to share with you THE GREATEST THING ever invented.......

Every child will make sure that they KNOW the answer OR how to figure it out just to throw this sticky ball at a target.  Best way to review ANY concept.  My target is projected onto my whiteboard through my projector (you could always draw it if you don't have a projector).  The target is labeled with points so depending on where the sticky ball lands depends on how many points a team will get. 

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Have a Sweet Day!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Famous Americans Project

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when the kids complete a project and they are SO proud to share it with the class.  This was a project that was sent home and the kids were expected to do on their own time with their parents (help) as a parent I understand a little of the dread of an at-home project BUT that's because we are looking at it ALL wrong.  

What an awesome and precious time that you get to spend with your child learning new things??....talking??....asking questions?? 

Your are making treasured memories!!--and if you could only see your child's face when they bring their project to school!!  They are beaming with pride AND CANNOT WAIT to share all their new knowledge with their classmates.  

The kids get to picked from a list of 50 or so people and then I sent home a list of different ways to present their information to the class.

Pizza Box
(Abigail Adams)

(George Washington)

Power Point
(Jackie Robinson)

Shoebox/Cereal Box
(John Deere)

(Florence Nightengale)

Every presentation had to include certain information.  Don't you just LOVE them???!!!  

What are the other kids doing while someone is presenting???  They are listening for one fact AND drawing a picture of the person that they are learning about.  

  You can see the sheet that I used below. 

{click here if you would like to use it}

Sweet Dreams Friends!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Baseball Antonyms

Hi Sweet Friends!!  It's been a wonderful weekend.  I would just like to suggest to my school district.......a teacher workday at the end of each six weeks.......would be perfect.  If you know someone from my school district that handles this kind of request would you kindly pass this message on for me???  Thanks!  I had a workday on Friday and then we were out today for MLK Holiday.  I feel ready to begin a new six weeks tomorrow. :)  My plan is to spend some time discussing MLK.  I like to read 
{click here to purchase}

and I found a free mini unit on TPT that I will use with it.  I couldn't get a picture but you can click the TPT link to see if it's something you could also use.  We will also be spending time reading 

Have I mentioned that I {heart} baseball??  Well I do and I realize that I am a little early but this story is next in our basal and because the weather was so nice this weekend my sweet family was able to spend a little time at the ballfields. 

Even our little "Norman" was enjoying some time shagging balls.  Now if we could only get him to put them into the bucket.....that'd be great.  

Okay, Baseball Antonyms, because we are reading Luke Goes to Bat and learning about antonyms I made a small game to play.  If it's nice outside that is where we will be, if not we will play in the classroom.  

I would LOVE for you to play too!  Click the link above to get it for free.  

Sweet Dreams Friends!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Freebie Friday...

I have linked up with TBA to share some freebies! 

Here is a small freebie:

This is something the kids can fill out each Monday to take home and share it along with the classroom newsletter.  

Not REAL big but I have lots of freebies at my TPT store.  Stop by and visit. 

Hope you enjoy!!  I just ask that you follow my blog and leave me some feedback<-I LOVE your SWEET comments.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To Be Free or Not To Be........And A Freebie!

So.......I've been I hurting other teachers by not charging for my activities??  I sure hope not and HONESTLY I'm quite sure I'm not even a competitor. {not that I'm trying to compete}  Remember, when I said in another blog that I am so thankful for other teacher bloggers??  Well I am......and I have purchased A LOT {TONS} of units that I am so grateful for and MOST were worth the money and more.  There have been times that I have NEEDED a unit but just couldn't spend any money and GUESS WHAT??? I would find the perfect FREEBIE {insert the party music here}.  I realize I am rambling so I will get to the point.  As I was uploading a unit onto TPT the other day and there was a message next to the price stating that I should at least charge $1 because otherwise I would be hurting sales for another teacher.  Oh no! So I went back through and priced the majority of my big units.  This has honestly been weighing on me.  Seriously!! I just don't feel like I am there yet.  I want to share with other teachers BUT I don't feel like they are worth paying for yet.  <----Please notice the word {yet}!  There may come a time that feel differently but as of right now I want to share my creations and be the {party music} for another teacher.  

So if everything is free then I am better than the Dollar Tree!!  I hope that I have something that you can use.  Stop by TPT and see.  Here is my latest freebie...

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Snow Many Compound Words!!

Am I blowing your mind???  Two posts within the same month {gasp!}....  This is probably throwing everyone off but I wanted to share the compound word activities that we are doing this week in class.......AND wearing our compound words to school.  FUN!!  We are going to be a walking Highlight Hidden Picture Activity.  Sound silly??  Good, the kids will remember them then.  I might post again later this week with pics but no promises.  I've already broke records with this post tonight.  It was such a busy, fun, and very productive day in my classroom...UNTIL...2:50.  This is when I realized that I hadn't copied my newsletter for this week because our school server went down.  So I quickly got the kids writing about the mission of the Navajo Code Talkers (not a lot info out...just saying) and I was going to briefly sit down and type something out real quick (seriously, the only time my principals visit..I'm thinking there might be a buzzer in my chair :)  Anyway, I was frantically typing because we leave at 3:00 and my sweet principal came in to visit a student of mine, my classroom phone started ringing, and announcements over the intercom came on.  Shhheeessshhh!!.....I just got stressed out all over again.  Oh, and when I sent the papers to the copier...GUESS WHAT?? paper.  So a teammate helped me and I stuffed newsletters in backpacks as we ran down the hall to catch buses.  No one was left behind and I didn't have any newsletters left over.  SCORE!!!

Okay, compound words and activities....focus.  

This unit has a letter to parents for Compound Word Day, fun snack ideas, 3 games to play with compound words, a syllable sort, partner relay, abc order, and writing templates for a creative compound story.  

Sweet Dreams Friends!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ready or Not?!

Wow!  I have throughly enjoyed my time off but I have to tell you that I am getting excited about going back and seeing the kids.  Oh.....the stories they will want to share, I can't wait to hear them all!!  I cannot stress the importance of these breaks......I think it is super important that teachers are excited about teaching because it's infectious and the kids get excited about learning. I don't have fantastic BLOW YOUR MIND activities planned but I'm ready to jump back in and get started.  Part of my discipline/classroom management within the classroom is our BROWNIE POINT pan for the class.  Use the template to make your own.  Just cut them out, add magnets to the back, and place a cookie sheet in the classroom.  My is hung near my door in the classroom.  Sorry no pics. BOO!

Each time my class receives a compliment we add a brownie to our pan.  At the beginning of the school year we made a list of rewards and voted on one to receive when our pan was filled, the kids chose a Show and Tell Day.  Well guess what????  We reached our goal!!!  Perfect timing to show off something new.  We will celebrate our Show and Tell Day this Friday.  Please feel free to use my letter if this is something you want to do or plan to do in the future. {click here}

When we return we will begin reading Officer Gloria and Buckle.  I LOVE this story.  Partly because it's a cute story but MOSTLY because I have my very own Officer Buckle and Gloria at my home.....well, not actually Officer Buckle and Gloria but my very own K9 officer and K9 living at my home.  My Mr. Sweet is always happy to come and speak with the kids about the importance of the K9 and their relationship with each other. I love it!!  Just this past year our K9 had to retire so I'm not sure that he will get to visit with the kids.....but I'm thankful that he gets to spend his retirement with us.  And with or without K9 Boomer, Mr. Sweet is always too happy to talk with kids about their job.  

Because going over and over and over the main idea and details are important, I've made an Office Buckle Craftivity for the kids to make after writing the main idea and details from the story.  And of course the talented Bubbly Blonde has made a great activities {click here for activities} to go along with the story.  
                                                   {click here for template}

I think we will also make our own classroom safety posters....

Well, it's time to get ready for the week.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year....

Do you ever feel so blessed that your heart feels as though it will swell out of your chest??  I feel this way quite often but especially over this past week.  I have enjoyed my time with my family so much.  I LOVE the conversations, the fires, the food {CHOCOLATE}, and all the memories that we are making.  
Tic-tac-toe decorating
Then Santy made a delivery.....yes, Santa delivers 4 wheelers!!  I was a little surprised too.  It rained all morning Christmas morning then snowed all afternoon.  It was a BEAUTIFUL snow!!  The only thing that would have been better would have been snow on Christmas Eve {my fave!!}

New Year's Eve was also a special family time.  I showed my little sass how I played with paper dolls when I was little.  I guess it wasn't really the dolls, it was more of a room designing and decorating.  She loved it. (me too!!)  We sat for an hour cutting from magazines and designing different rooms in our home.    
Ummm.....excuse my nasty fireplace.  We are currently using it A LOT (I hate to be cold..brrrr)!!  We have also spent a lot of time with the newest member of our family.  Meet...........Norman.  Isn't he soooo cute????  Oooh but he's a mess!!


Well, I'm not into making new year resolutions but I have spent some time reflecting on what I've done this past year and what I looking forward to doing this new year.  One of the things I thought about was this little blog of mine.....and why I started this and what I want to do with it.  I'll be honest, I spend A LOT time feeling guilty {yes, guilty} about this blog.  I worry: what if nobody wants to read it, am I really helping anyone, how can I blog if I don't have a unit to promote or share, do I sound stupid?????!!!!!.......Yes, when I read this out loud it sounds silly but I worry about these things.  I've decided to let that go.  My sweet husband always tells me, after I share stories from the classroom, "that is priceless" you should really write that down.(so I started a blog) I have an amazingly talented friend over at Smitten with First, Michelle, that inspires me to want to be a better teacher.(so I started a blog)  I LOVE writing my thoughts and feelings out.(so I started a blog)  I have been sooo thankful for all the wonderful teachers in blog world because honestly without their creativity and hard work I don't know what I would've done.(so I started a blog)  Basically, my point is {to myself} quit worrying so much and just enjoy it.  I will share my adventures in the classroom, and when I create I will share them but I am not going to feel guilty about my little blog anymore.  I'm going to enjoy it!  
A friend shared this the other day on Facebook and it said so much to me.  This is EXACTLY what I want for this New Year!!  

Be Sweet,