Monday, December 17, 2012

Slowing Down....When the World is So Busy

It seems after this weekend the things that I felt were so important and busy with are no longer so important.  It is time to slow down and treasure each and every minute in the day.  This weekend the Mr. and I spent time with our children and each other.  It wasn't different than any other weekend other than it was intentional.  We slowed down and treasured each moment.
Getting ready to hunt with daddy.
{GASP!}  Being chauffeured around town.

Cooking treats with my sweet.
 As much as I want to stay home with my sweets and never leave the house, the other part of me can't wait to hold to the kiddos in my classroom.  I have been reminded to  treasure the moments in the classroom especially during such a busy time of year.  My heart and prayers go out to the families and everyone involved with Sandy Hook Elementary.  

A little update with what's going on in the classroom.  We just finished Junie B. Jones, Jingle Bells Batman Smells and the LOVED it.  I only had one kid that had previously read the book.....that really surprised me AND made it so much more fun.  We took a field trip to the Dallas Children's Theatre and watched the book live onstage.
So exciting!!  We made ourselves into elves, learned about idioms and quotation marks. 
Thanks to this sweet little goodie from TPT I didn't have to create too many activities. 

Ugh!!  Not sure why this is blurry but click {here} to see it on TPT.

After we made ourselves into an elf and discussed speech bubbles and what they mean, I told each sweetie to pretend their elf is looking to the elf next to them and write what they would say.  Ha!-and they turned out great!

The elf on the left said, "The elf next to me is off their rocker!

Then we took our speech bubbles and discussed quotation marks using elbow macaroni.  We spent a lot of time using pre-made sentences and moving our pasta around to the correct place of quotations.  After lots of practice we wrote our own sentence on a sentence strip and glued our pasta for the quotation marks.  Of course, we wrote our sentence as if our elf said it. :)

I received the COOOOOLEST gift ever from my sweet friend over at Smitten with First.  You have to check out her newest unit. 
Click {here}

It's fabulous!! The first activity we did was create a Christmas tree and using common and proper nouns.
The kids had to come up with a proper noun and then list the common noun under the Christmas ornament.  I just LOVE my funky Christmas tree!!  Thanks so much, Michelle, my talented friend!!

Have a very blessed and SWEET day!


  1. I seriously just screamed out loud in Kroger when I saw you had a post!!!!!!!! Yaaaay!!!! I always enjoy reading your posts. Love you sweet friend! And thank you for the shout out!!!! :)

  2. haha!! that's so funny. You probably thought I had been hacked it's been so long.