Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's the Little Things....and a Little Freebie

I have soooo many little things that I want to share, I just don't know where to start.  And when I say little, I really mean HUGE!!  :))  It all started on Friday when I came to my classroom after having cafeteria duty to find this....

stuck to my computer.  Awwww...she just melts my heart!!  And it was a WONDERFUL day.  I had a sweet student that went to the public library after school on Thursday and had the librarian copy several things about Abigail Adams so that she could bring them to share with the class.  I DID NOT ask her to do this, we had just spent some time this week learning about her and doing some activities.  Isn't that just precious???!!  Excited about learning??--Yeah, I think so.  

Then, when I got home I found this....
Remember how I said it's the little things that are SO HUGE?  Well, several weeks ago I mentioned to my sweet husband that I think I would LOVE to have a teapot that whistled. (not sure why, but just seems warm and cozy)  Anyway, this was sitting on the stove for me when I got home.  He also melts my heart.  

Well, now that I've shared the little things that feel so big in my heart, I have a small little freebie that I wanted to share.  Next week we will be comparing and contrasting ourself with the girl from our reading story, so I made a little freebie to go with it.  Stop by my TPT store and pick it up.  
Now I've gotta get some sleep, I have a 5K in the morning.  Yikes!  

Good Night Sweet Friends!!

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