Sunday, September 9, 2012

Henry and Mudge Craftivity....FREEBIE

After reading the story Henry and Mudge this week the kids came up with reasons why they would deserve a pet and made a Mudge craft to go with it.  
Not really the best picture but they turned out me.  I loved reading why they felt like they deserved a new pet AND their creativity with their dogs.  
You can stop by my TPT store and pick up the template for free.  This week we will read My Family, and discuss differences and similarities between the family in the story and our own family.  I plan to upload that craft this week.  Be on the look out.  :))

Well, my weekend has come to an end and BOY!! has it been busy.  I LOVED  every minute of it, though.  We spent time at the park, played 2 on 2 football in the front yard, and then our ENTIRE family (all 4 of us plus Boomer, our dog) ran the 9/11 5K.  The last time I ran was before school started and I oooonly ever run a mile, and both of my little sweets thought they were running a mile fun run.  When we got there we learned they didn't have a fun run, it was only a 5K.  They both did amazing (and I did great too)  So proud!!

Sweet dreams friends!!

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