Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Family Craftivity.......Another Freebie!!

Yessss another craft but the kids love them and to do them at the end of the week to tie everything together makes it good for them and good for me.  If you keep up with my blog and I keep up with the craft activities you will know exactly where we are in our reading adoption. :))  This week we have been reading My Family from our basal (Journeys).  In the story, the kids learn all about a little girl's family and the activities they take part in together.  I thought the kids would really enjoy comparing their family with Camilla's (girl in the story) family and making a craft to go with it.  

Okay, paper dolls??!!  Have you made one??!!  I think the kids will LOVE this.  I found instructions online and a wonderful template to use, so I put it all together to make it easy for myself and the kids to use. 
Aren't they cute???!!  I think once we are finished making these and writing about them it could lead to a great math activity....hmmmm.......

You can {click here} to get the entire activity.  I would love to hear how you will use it in your classroom.  Happy Wednesday, Friends!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Favorite Freebie Linky Party

During my morning blog stalk visits I found a fantastic linky party.  Thank you Cynthia over at 2nd Grade Pad for hosting. 

Everyone LOVES  a she has asked each teacher to link up their favorite freebie and share it with others.  Great idea!!  Stop by her blog and see everyone's favorite freebie.

I think my favorite right now is my Fable Unit, mainly because I just finished it and there are a lot of different activities.  
If you visit my TPT store, you'll notice they are all free right now, so please get what you can use or need.  I just ask that you leave sweet feedback and follow my blog if you find something that you can use.  :))

Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Henry and Mudge Craftivity....FREEBIE

After reading the story Henry and Mudge this week the kids came up with reasons why they would deserve a pet and made a Mudge craft to go with it.  
Not really the best picture but they turned out me.  I loved reading why they felt like they deserved a new pet AND their creativity with their dogs.  
You can stop by my TPT store and pick up the template for free.  This week we will read My Family, and discuss differences and similarities between the family in the story and our own family.  I plan to upload that craft this week.  Be on the look out.  :))

Well, my weekend has come to an end and BOY!! has it been busy.  I LOVED  every minute of it, though.  We spent time at the park, played 2 on 2 football in the front yard, and then our ENTIRE family (all 4 of us plus Boomer, our dog) ran the 9/11 5K.  The last time I ran was before school started and I oooonly ever run a mile, and both of my little sweets thought they were running a mile fun run.  When we got there we learned they didn't have a fun run, it was only a 5K.  They both did amazing (and I did great too)  So proud!!

Sweet dreams friends!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's the Little Things....and a Little Freebie

I have soooo many little things that I want to share, I just don't know where to start.  And when I say little, I really mean HUGE!!  :))  It all started on Friday when I came to my classroom after having cafeteria duty to find this....

stuck to my computer.  Awwww...she just melts my heart!!  And it was a WONDERFUL day.  I had a sweet student that went to the public library after school on Thursday and had the librarian copy several things about Abigail Adams so that she could bring them to share with the class.  I DID NOT ask her to do this, we had just spent some time this week learning about her and doing some activities.  Isn't that just precious???!!  Excited about learning??--Yeah, I think so.  

Then, when I got home I found this....
Remember how I said it's the little things that are SO HUGE?  Well, several weeks ago I mentioned to my sweet husband that I think I would LOVE to have a teapot that whistled. (not sure why, but just seems warm and cozy)  Anyway, this was sitting on the stove for me when I got home.  He also melts my heart.  

Well, now that I've shared the little things that feel so big in my heart, I have a small little freebie that I wanted to share.  Next week we will be comparing and contrasting ourself with the girl from our reading story, so I made a little freebie to go with it.  Stop by my TPT store and pick it up.  
Now I've gotta get some sleep, I have a 5K in the morning.  Yikes!  

Good Night Sweet Friends!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

BUSY.......and a Freebie

I seriously feel like I'm spinning.......things have been CU.RAZY. busy.  I have wanted to sit down and blog but every time I have a chance to sit down I doze off.  Pure exhaustion, folks.  Beginning of the year is kicking my booty!!  I think we have scheduled more meetings the first few weeks of school this year than our entire last school year.  We started new benchmark testing (I LOVE all of the info) but I think I need a few more hours in the day and a secretary!!  On a positive note, I have retrained my bladder to hold for more than 8 hours and my wonderfully sweet husband is making fabulous dinners for our family. (we'd probably starve right now if it were up to me) So thankful for him!

About a month before school started I tried to start getting things together for our fable and fairytale unit.  I would love for you to visit my TPT store and pick it up for FREE.  I just ask that you leave me some sweet notes if do.

This unit has anchor charts, phonics activities, storyboards for fables, and fables for your kiddos to read.  I hope these are helpful to you.

Have SWEET dreams, friends!!