Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Night Before School....

Well, it's here.  It's amazing how fast this summer has gone by and especially the past few weeks.  I have been a busy little chick. First....... My big sass turned 15 and he will begin his sophomore year tomorrow. {sigh}

I've finished my classroom.......and I'm sure you're thinking, well yeah, school is tomorrow, BUT let me tell you I don't think you're ever truly finished. Annnd I just finished making my last batch of playdoh for the morning.
I made mint chocolate chip, cotton candy, and strawberry shortcake playdoh.  YUMMMO!! I thought the kids might enjoy playing with this in the morning while parents are dropping off and bringing in more school supplies.  

I will post pictures soon (before Christmas-I figure I better not promise anything too soon at the rate I'm blogging ;) of my finished classroom........can you believe in a rush to get everything ready and put away I didn't take any after pics of the classroom??  I LOVE before and afters.....

I finished my birthday bulletin board.  The kids will decorate their own birthday candle tomorrow so that we can graph our birthdays on the bulletin boards.

I finished my "Berry Good Helpers" Chart.  We will add a strawberry to the top of each job cupcake everyday.  

My wonderful husband started cutting composition books for me.  This is such a fabulous idea.  I can't wait to get labels on them and let the kiddos start using them.  Now the kids will have 2 journals rather that ONE and no wasted paper. (right?!) 
I'm thinking we will use one for a math journal and the other will be for reading response.       
Finally, we ended a fast but fun summer this weekend with a PIG OUT at IHop and then a movie.

I love these guys!!!

I'm not even close to being tired but I should probably get off the computer so that I can actually TRY.  ;)

Be Sweet!!

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