Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Night Before School....

Well, it's here.  It's amazing how fast this summer has gone by and especially the past few weeks.  I have been a busy little chick. First....... My big sass turned 15 and he will begin his sophomore year tomorrow. {sigh}

I've finished my classroom.......and I'm sure you're thinking, well yeah, school is tomorrow, BUT let me tell you I don't think you're ever truly finished. Annnd I just finished making my last batch of playdoh for the morning.
I made mint chocolate chip, cotton candy, and strawberry shortcake playdoh.  YUMMMO!! I thought the kids might enjoy playing with this in the morning while parents are dropping off and bringing in more school supplies.  

I will post pictures soon (before Christmas-I figure I better not promise anything too soon at the rate I'm blogging ;) of my finished classroom........can you believe in a rush to get everything ready and put away I didn't take any after pics of the classroom??  I LOVE before and afters.....

I finished my birthday bulletin board.  The kids will decorate their own birthday candle tomorrow so that we can graph our birthdays on the bulletin boards.

I finished my "Berry Good Helpers" Chart.  We will add a strawberry to the top of each job cupcake everyday.  

My wonderful husband started cutting composition books for me.  This is such a fabulous idea.  I can't wait to get labels on them and let the kiddos start using them.  Now the kids will have 2 journals rather that ONE and no wasted paper. (right?!) 
I'm thinking we will use one for a math journal and the other will be for reading response.       
Finally, we ended a fast but fun summer this weekend with a PIG OUT at IHop and then a movie.

I love these guys!!!

I'm not even close to being tired but I should probably get off the computer so that I can actually TRY.  ;)

Be Sweet!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Reading Power Towers

When I should be getting ready for meet the teacher night and the first week of school I'm finishing up a fun little reading game.  Ha!! It's what I do.......get sidetracked.  I found this idea on Teacher Tipster, and it is so simple but a GREAT way to practice reading sight words.  I absolutely LOVE games in the classroom.....and so do the kids.  They don't even realize how much they're learning because they are so engrossed in the games.  It's greatness!!  

All you need is a Pringles can and Dixie Cups.  I bought Dixie cups from Costco because I wanted to make each one of my teamies this activity.  

Next I covered the Pringles can with a cover.  (I made 5 different ones, please feel free to copy any or all if you want)

Because these are the taller cans I covered them with construction paper first, then with the cover.  (we got a little crazy with crafting this summer and my lil' sass got ahold of 2 of the lids and painted them, aaannnndddd I think she snuck a can because I HAD 5, but now I only have 4 hmmmm......I'm gonna have to eat more {not good})

Finally, I wrote our sight words for the first 10 lessons on the bottom of the cups.  You can fit 100 cups in this can.  I'll do these with the kiddos during small group first and then later add it to our center.  I think the kids will love this, especially since they do cup stacking in gym class already.

Stay Sweet, Friends!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Well, in between searching Pinterest, visiting classrooms in the bloggy world, and rummaging through the dollar bin in Target I was able to grab some things from TPT to help start the school year.  I've linked up with Blog Hoppin' to share my finds.
 Let me just add that going through this linky party and seeing what other teachers have found has been bittersweet.  I'm bummed that I missed things BUT excited to know that they have now been added to my wish list. ;)  My wish list is ridiculous, though.

Okay, first from my sweet friend Michelle.  She is so amazing and talented. 

I love to use books for I think this next unit will be perfect.

This unit will be PER.FECT. for math ideas that first week of school.  Love everything Amy Lemmons does!!

There are so many goodies in this packet from Lesson Plans SOS.  I can't wait to get started. :)
Wow, my pictures look awful. Ugh!  I'm sorry but if you click on the picture it will take you to their store.  :)  While you are there you can pick up my word wall freebie

Happy Shopping Sweet Friends!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In the Middle....Somewhere and a FREEBIE

Well, I have marked 2 things off my to do list.  Yay!!....but I'm constantly thinking of more things that I need to do.  Yikes.  I wanted to share some progress pics of the classroom because....really, it helps me feel as though I'm getting some things accomplished.
I'm loving Cara Carroll's bag idea because that space above the cabinets can look so gross. I don't have a Cameo (yet) but this is my version without a it.  This is the mailbox area and the display sheets for the kids work.
This is a pic of my word work area.  That neat little cart in the picture has a whiteboard on one side and cork board on the other, plus an area to store tubs in the middle.  Greatness!!
And while I was busy making new stacks of things to move, my Big Sass was busy making a giant cupcake for my outside bulletin board. I'm so thankful for the time we spent together today.  He is getting so big...{sigh}.  
We are picking up his sophomore schedule tomorrow.


I'm sure he is going to be thrilled to know that I've shared his cupcake making skills on my blog BUT I'm just really impressed.  I LOVE this!!  Notice he used crayons for the sprinkles......hmmmm....cute, huh?!  I can't wait to display it in the hall.

The next big thing to accomplish in the classroom is the alphabet above the board. Ugh....that just makes me sweat. :(  It seriously takes me a full week to get that thing straight.  

I've also got to get the word wall letters up but as I was pulling the old ones out today, they just looked so ratty and sad.  So, I thought it was time to make some new ones.  I made new word wall letters and I retyped my word wall celebrations.  I  have used these word wall celebrations for yyyyeeeaaarrrss......and when I made them I thought that they were soooo cool.  I used my fancy scissors and very colorful notecards. Ha!  Aren't they cool??  Well, 11 years ago these babies were cool!!!                                                                                              

These are great and 11 years later the kids still enjoy doing them.  I usually do this every Monday when I am introducing new sight words to the kids.  I put all the celebration cards into a bag and I pick someone to pull out a celebration.  We celebrate and add that word to the word wall. I keep the celebration bag on a hook right next to our word wall.  It can be a great filler too. I would love for you to stop by my TPT store and pick it up.  It's a FREEBIE.  I just ask that you leave me LOVE, I love to hear what all of you think.  

Stay Sweet Friends!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In the beginning....

Can I just say how much I LOVE looking at pics of classrooms?  Ha!!  I get all giddy and excited.  I'm so impressed with all the amazing teachers and ideas out there.  I'm headed back to school today to try to pull the classroom together.  

(you will be happy to know that I have upgraded and my pics will no longer have that annoying watermark on the bottom :)

So here is my blank slate I'm working with.  We had to take everything off the walls so that they could paint but if you notice in the pic on the right...the wall is still yucky.  They must have forgot about me, oh well, nothing a little paper can't fix.  I can't wait to share pics of the progress that I make.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Currently I Am...

trying to figure out what I want to do in my classroom.  I have always walked into my room with a plan but this year I've been a little undecided.  Do I want a theme?? --or not?? I think a shopping trip to Mardel's will help with this little problem.  I decided to spend a lot of my day in the classroom.  The air has not been turned on yet and it was HHHOOT! My sweet family was all busy, so no GUILTY feelings as I spent most of my day in my classroom.  
During my 3 hours at the school I was able to put my mailboxes together and hang the small scrap sheets to display work.  Ummm.....that's not much.  Maybe putting your classroom together should be an Olympic event and then I might move a little faster.  ;)
As I went through my tubs, I came across two sweet gifts from past students that I have the need to share.

Isn't this precious??  Yes, it's my name!!  The parent that made this for me also works at my school, so she was able to sneak these pics of my class.  I just treasure this. 

Then I came across this poem.  A student from last year and his family sat down and wrote this precious poem.  It makes me smile.

Can you tell why I didn't get much done today??  Yea, I easily get sidetracked.  Not good.  Focus! Focus! Focus!

My post tonight was originally started because I wanted to link up with Farley to be apart of the August currently......but I got a little sidetracked. 

So, August Currently.....I am 

OH, and I NEED to add printer ink to my back to school must haves.  Geez!-I'm wearing the printer out.  :/

I better hurry and publish this or I'm going to break a blog rule and end up posting twice tomorrow.  

Good night, sweet friends!!