Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sight Word Book Freebie

I love to use my word wall in the classroom for lots of activities but I REALLY, REALLY like it when the kids use it as a reference.  (kinda the point, huh) :) - Yea, I know.  This year I have put together a personal book for each kiddo that they will be able to reference and I can quickly use it to assess their sight word recognition.  

These sight words specifically follow the Texas Journeys Reading Basal for 2nd grade.  Anyone can use this but I've used the 300 sight words in the order of this series.  Each Friday I will listen to the students read the list of of words to me.  I plan to use a different highlighter for each week to mark a word that the student struggles with and we can spend more one on one time in small group for mastery.  

I'm going to place the booklets on rings like you see above and hang from hooks on the back of a cabinet.  

My goal this year is to FEEL like I'm on top of things...................rather than slowly drowning. :)  If this is something that you could use in your classroom I'd love for you to pick it up here.  I just ask that you leave me LOVE and follow me.  

Happy Tuesday ya'll!! 


  1. Thanks for the freebie. What a great idea!
    The Hive

  2. Wonderful idea! I am following your store!

  3. I agree with that goal. Mine was similar and that's why I got cracking on my classroom as soon as I walked in the building. This year I want to really challenge the idea that my district doesn't/can't produce strong, educated children and it starts Day 1.

  4. Great idea. I have a big bag of rings, you gave me an idea. I’m your newest follower. Please check out my blog if you get a chance “Calling Plays in 2nd Grade”.
    Thanks, Shanell

  5. Love your blog design. So cute! I've given you an award. Swing by my blog to pick it up. :)

    Tangled with Teaching