Friday, June 29, 2012

Linky LOVE a Lil' Late...

Gosh!!  A day late......REALY?!, I'm sorry but I wanted to link up with Smitten with First to share my loves for this week but we will need to change it to Friday Love-day.  
Ok, well I'm sure by now everyone is tired of hearing about my floors BUT seriously, I LOVE them and we did them ourselves.  It was haaaarrrrrdddd work. So I'm  loving ....
my floors.  Aren't they cool?!?  It is actually tile.
Okay the next thing I'm loving is......

SCRAPBOOK PAPER!!  I don't love this because I scrapbook because I don't.  I LOVE them because it is soooooo CUTE!  I love to use scrapbook paper to frame kids work or to cut letters from the die cut machine.  I laminate a class set and put them on my cabinets and in the hallway to display my kiddos work.

This is so much easier than to redo an entire bulletin board (which I'm over).  I use to LOVE bulletin boards........but after years of teaching my passion for changing my bulletin board out every month started to die. (I know.....kinda sad)  But I do LOVE to display the kids work and I really like how it looks on top of scrapbook paper.
This is some of my lil' sass' 
work to for an example.  I'll post classroom pics once we get back in there.  Okay, so that's some of my LOVES this week.

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  1. Yay!!! Thank you for linking up! LOve the scrapbooking paper idea!!