Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm BAAAAAck! Made It Linky and Summer Fun

Oh, little blog, how I've missed you! ....and it's Monday Made It #4 with Tara 
I have truly taken on a project WAAAY bigger than me.  This little project is now going on 2 weeks and after bruised knees, blisters on the palms, and sore muscles, we are ALMOST finished.  (yes, I said almost, it's still not done)  But it's going to be beautiful.

This is the tile we've been laying in our house (almost entire house).  Isn't it beautiful??!!  This picture is without the grout but this little project has kept me from blogging, properly feeding my children, doing laundry (I'm okay with this), and leaving the house.

Summer Fun

We found small smooth rocks in our neighborhood and after they were nice and warm from sitting in the sun we colored them with crayons. 

It was fun!!  Even my 14 yr old did this with us (although he wouldn't agree to have his picture made with them)

And last.........a sweet little find on Pinterest, that we turned into a father's day gift.
You write your messages with a dry erase marker! {gasp!} cute, huh?!  My lil' sass wrote because "you're the best daddy ever" then my bigger sweet came back and wrote this.  (it has to do with baseball and twitter.... ;)

Come back and visit me tomorrow, I want to share my writing folders with you.  Have a fabulous summer day!!



  1. We are having a wet and windy summer day here in!! Thanks for linking up! Love your projects:)

    4th Grade Frolics