Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kirbys Get Lost...Summer Vacay

Well, we are not actually “lost” mainly because I’m not the one in charge of driving but we are getting lost like leaving and getting out of here.  We are getting lost in our thoughts, lost in nature and wrapped up in our time with each other without any of the distractions of everyday life.

Before we left Josh, Jenna and I each picked 20 songs each and put them on a Spotify summer playlist.  We shuffled the playlist and it was fun to see who’s song was going to play next.  You were guaranteed to know the words of at least every 3rd song.:-)  We had quite the variety….from Metalica to Snoop Dogg to Teen Beach Movie.   

Our first stop was Palo Duro Canyon in Amarillo, Texas.  It’s amazing to me that places like this are just a few hours from my driveway.  It was beautiful BUT HOT.  Seriously, finding shade was like almost nonexistent.  We actually waited until later in the evening before we did any hikes.

We enjoyed dinner at a beautiful pavilion patio that is used to major events and parties. We snuck up with our hot dogs and all the fixins’ and enjoyed the beautiful view in true “wedding crasher” style.

The lighthouse hike was six miles round trip and wasn’t difficult.  It was fun and scenic.  We saw turkeys, horned frogs, deer and we heard coyotes.  Here is the game changer though…..we saw 3 tarantulas.  YES, TA-RANT-U-LAS!!!  Like Home Alone tarantulas….like Stephen King your worst nightmare.

So, basically after seeing these on the trail…..I’m done.  Just no.  I don’t do spiders…..especially ones as big as my dog.  So I’d recommend this trail to those of you that can handle that. Otherwise, take a hike somewhere else. ;-)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Financial Literacy in the Classroom

There never seems to be enough time to teach coins and financial literacy in the classroom.  I'm not sure about your kids but my kids seem to struggle with actually adding the coins. 
They just needed some motivation......and a job.  We started this fun lesson with a job fair.  

I introduced the jobs that they could apply for and then allowed them time to walk around discuss what they were interested in.  

Once they decided on jobs that they wanted they filled out an application.

Then it was my turn to go through the applications and decide on who to hire for the job.  

I LOVED going through these and reading why I should hire them for the job. They were so motivated and excited to start working and earning their money.

I created a pay schedule for the week and it made my teacher heart happy when they showed up more excited each day saying "it's nickel day" or "I'm so excited that it's dime day".

Oh and it gets real in my room....if you don't do your job then you don't get paid OR if you go above and beyond on your job then you get paid extra.  

Every day before we would leave for the day I go through each job and pay them.  Don't worry if you get busy and think you might forget....they won't let you.

Of course, you will need a wallet to put your coins in each day. There is an important lesson in taking care of their wallet too.  You need to keep it safe so that you don't lose it or you won't have any money to spend.

Here's the cool thing....they are counting coins and working out their money issues because they want to know NOT because I've asked them to or because it's the assignment for the day.  

Of course, we are going to spend our money...isn't that what we do.  We will have a class DOLLAR STORE...

I know not every teacher has the extra money or wants to spend their extra money for things like this so I wrote a letter to parents to see if they were willing to send in items.  

We will be having our first class store the Friday before Spring Break.  Ummmmm.....yes, I intentionally planned it this way.  

You can pick this small unit up here.

You can also pick up this Headbandz money game here too.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Swimming with a FULL MOON

There is ONE. MORE. WEEK.  Just ONE. MORE. WEEK. 

Jenna laughed when I told her that teachers always know if there is a full moon based on the way kids act...she didn't believe me BUT if you're a teacher you know exactly what I'm talking about.  

Not only was it a full moon but I had the privilege of taking my kids to an indoor swimming pool to teach them pool safety and how to swim.  

That sounds fun, you say... 

Oh it's an adventure...let me share it with you.

First, you must REMIND, REMIND, REMIND kids each day to bring their swim clothes.  Now get them dressed out to swim and onto the bus.  You must remember that no matter who they sit by on the bus someone is going to get upset and call someone else a "juicebag". --You're going to have to be mature and not laugh because by the looks on their face being called a "juice bag" is 10x worse than being called a "douche bag".  You're also going to need to discuss that calling someone a "juice bag" is not nice so we are not going to say that.

Once you get to the swim place you're going to realize that some of your kids put their swimsuits on backwards and all their business is hanging out.  You're going to need to rush them back to the locker room to put their swimsuit on the right way.  

Now that everyone is dressed properly and you quiet all their giggling... because apparently they've never seen other kids their age in swimsuits you realize they have been asked to sit on towels on slippery concrete floors.

You're going to tell them to be still while they are sliding all over the floor on their bottoms, heads, bellies and backs.  You're going to look at the swim instructor with...

After the swim instructor is completely stressed out and wants to advocate a raise for you, she will take them to the water.  One of your kids will ask "Are we going to get wet?"-you'll just give them a little hug because what else can you say after putting them in their swimsuit, making sure they have a towel and letting a swim instructor explain the things they are going to do in the water.  Just hug them and take a deep breath.

You will notice that the swim instructor picks a particularly wiggly student to help demonstrate.

...and then that. 

You will need to be prepared for the moment that a child asks you to put something in their bag for them.  Don't be so quick to hold out your hand.  They will place something small and fluorescent that will stick to you no matter what you try to do to get it off.  You will realize it is their earplugs that were shoved into their ears and you will again need to be mature and not dry heave in front of everyone.

Prepare yourself for the exiting of the pool.  Now it's time for the kids to get their clothes back on BUT they are wet and they are children.  They will tell you that their clothes DON'T FIT.  Just gently remind them to dry off and they will fit. 
Actual footage of the kids getting dressed after swimming.

DO NOT be shocked when you leave and there is a clothing trail behind every student.  Nothing fits back into their bags after it has been taken out.  You will find socks, shirts, towels and even UNDERWEAR.  You will ask "who is missing underwear" and you will think "how do you not know if your not wearing underwear" but no one will answer or admit it.

You will make it back to the school and realize....we are doing this again tomorrow. 

Tomorrow will be slightly different because swimsuits were never taken out of their bags.  So they will be cold, wet and already starting to fade the writing off their folders and books.  Just smile and remind them to take their things HOME and OUT of their bag and remember they are kids.

In the meantime this will be you when you get home...

Don't forget to be grateful for the lessons that your children are learning because you know that many of them live in apartments and hotels and have access to pools.  These lessons could save their life or another child's life.  After you're finished being grateful for the time they get to spend in the pool pray for spring break to hurry and get here.  

Friday, January 26, 2018

Fishing in Class for Facts

We've spent the last week introducing the kids to the beginning of multiplication and division.  This is seriously, the best day in a 2nd graders life.  They live to learn multiplication.  No one can add or subtract but everyone wants to multiply--I don't know what it is but they LOVE it.

Of course we introduce the beginning of multiplication by using repeated addition, arrays and pictures of equal groups but I thought we could use a fun hands on way to continue to practice the new skill.  {{click here}}

Students will use their own fishing poles made from twine, pencils and a magnet.  They will get to fish for their fact to match on their board. 

We just placed small paper clips on the fishing cards.  If the students caught more than one fish then they have to pick one and throw the rest back.

The first student to complete their board wins....BUT be careful not to catch a shark. You have to throw all your cards back if you catch a shark.

I introduced this activity during my small math group time and then added it to math stations.  The kids have LOVED it.  

I have also made boards for reviewing standard, model, expanded and word form of numbers. 

If you don't want to mess with the fishing poles then you can easily place all the cards in a bucket for the kids to draw from.  You decide what works best for your class.

Both activit├ęs can be picked up in my tpt store. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

As Jenna gets older I just enjoy my time with her more and more.  She is a ray of sunshine that brightens my day and I KNOW that she has that same affect on others.  

One thing that we LOVE to do is shop.  She LOVES to shop but she loves to find great deals <-she is an old soul.  She just cannot stand pay to full price for something or want me to.  Me on the other hand wouldn't think twice about paying full price for Josh, Isaiah or Jenna but when it comes to me...I feel so guilty if I do. Strange, I know.

Jenna's latest thing is hunting for great finds at thrift stores.  Which I find so ironic because I remember as a kid I would be so embarrassed when I got hand me downs or if my clothes came from {{gulp!}}.....Wal-mart and I would absolutely die right there on the spot if anyone knew my clothes came from a thrift store.  I couldn't wait to get job so that I could buy my own clothes.  Fast forward to today and for the most part we can afford anything that Jenna wants and/or needs.  So when she said "Mom, I want to go thrift store shopping"....I was like  {deep breath} "Okay, let's go."

You can see her newest Thrift Shop with Me video {here}.  We have found the funnest little place near us that sells overstock of Target, Gap, Claires, Wal-mart and a few other stores.  It is  always fun to go in see what treasures we will find.  It's not a thrift shop but we visit those too and have the best time.

Here's a peek of how we turned some Thrift Store finds into a fashion statement:

Well, I forgot to take a before pic {facepalm} but this was a plain neon orange shirt that we purchased for $0.79.  Jenna is convinced that she's going to bring back the 80s.  She says she LOVES the look.  So we added a little vinyl and it's a super cute retro shirt.

Next, we found this simple plain white t-shirt:
 We paid $1.50 and knew that it would look perfect if we turned it into a Riverdale shirt. Have you seen Riverdale?  Stop what you're doing and go watch.  We are addicted and cannot wait for the next season.  We binge watched the series over the break. So I made a shirt of the diner that they hang out in.  LOOK how cute....
Look for the video from Jenna all about how we did this. It turned out so cute.
  You should definitely pair it with a 80s!

Our last little find is just in time for Valentine's Day:

We found this cute little shirt for $1.00 and as soon as Jenna saw it she said "Let's add hearts to it."  
It turned out so cute.  It was definitely a little tricky making sure the hearts ended up on the elbows and not the tricep but we are LOVing it.
I'd say we had a very fun and successful shopping trip that allowed us to make memories and collect laughs.

These are some of my sweetest seconds...

Friday, December 29, 2017

Cold Day Recipe That Worked for Me

Baby, it's cold outside and something about having soup makes me happy on a cold day.  It's like a meal and drink all in one.  When my family LOVES something they always say "Write it Down, so you don't forget this" - but here's the problem with my recipes, it's always a little of this and a little of that - a little taste here and a little taste there!  So let's try to write this down before I forget.  Here's my little recipe of the Tomato Soup my family loves - even Jenna loved this and it has TOMATOES in it.  

Tomato Soup

1 Tbsp salted butter                                                            1 can tomato sauce

2 Tbsp finely diced onion -(I don't tell my family about this ;-)

1/2 tsp minced garlic                                            1 can Italian diced tomatoes

1 cup of heaving whipping cream                                  16 oz of chicken broth


and salt and pepper to taste.

Saute the onion and garlic in butter in a large pot. I love to cook them until they clear and little brown around the edges. 
Add the tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, chicken broth, 1 cup of water and 1 cup of heavy whipping cream.  Add little salt and pepper.  Now for the fun part...I used a had mixer and blend the tomatoes together with this fun little toy...
Yes, I use this while it's cooking on the stove.  I continue to blend until the consistency is smooth and creamy.  No chunks.  Turn the heat down, cover the pot and let it continue to sit on low heat for another 20 to 30 minutes. 

Top it with parmesan cheese and a side of Texas Toast.  This yields 4 servings. 

Now, just a reminder...I make up stuff as I'm cooking so no 2 meals in my house ever taste the same but I promised my family that I would start writing them down.  I am by no means a "good cook" but every now and then I accidentally make something that everyone loves and later I can never remember exactly what I did.  So I just putting this right here for the fam.  Feel free to try it or stay far away from it.  Whatever makes your heart happy.

Tomorrow I will post the new Christmas morning casserole that I made this year - because again, the family said "write it down".  hahaha!   Do you prepare a breakfast for Christmas morning?   

Sunday, November 5, 2017

When Your Birthday Is GUCCI

I'm sure everyone knows how much I LOVE this guy right here.

Yea, he's pretty great!  So I wanted to make sure that I got him an extra special birthday gift.  He hasn't had new cologne in yeeeeeaaarrss.  So I thought he'd probably LOVE some new cologne.  His favorite cologne is Gucci Guilty.

If you know him then you know he's not ALL FANCY and he probably wouldn't want me to share that his favorite cologne is Gucci.  But it is.

So I'm super excited for him to open his gift.  He opens his gift before school and is thrilled.  He takes it out the box and it looks like this...

He laughed and said "this looks different than what I remember and well, the gold, that's a little over the top".  It was really GOLD and wherever you touched it you would leave finger smudges.  He did several spritzes and then a few more for good measure.

After a few minutes he came in to tell me that he googled women's gucci guilty because he smells to "florally".  Guess what google showed him....

So for Josh's birthday I got myself some new perfume.  It smells great!  I wonder if he'll get me some men's cologne for my birthday??

As part of his birthday weekend we thought an overnight camping trip would be fun.  You can imagine Josh's surprise when I woke him up this morning freaking out because Bean and I saw a wild hog right outside our campsite...

If you look through Bean's amazing ears you can see it.
I cannot believe this....I've never seen a wild hog.  Especially one this big!!!  After I woke Josh up to go with us I noticed my wild hog looks an awful lot like a COW!

What is a cow doing in our campsite?? Well, that's kinda funny. I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend honey!