Friday, January 26, 2018

Fishing in Class for Facts

We've spent the last week introducing the kids to the beginning of multiplication and division.  This is seriously, the best day in a 2nd graders life.  They live to learn multiplication.  No one can add or subtract but everyone wants to multiply--I don't know what it is but they LOVE it.

Of course we introduce the beginning of multiplication by using repeated addition, arrays and pictures of equal groups but I thought we could use a fun hands on way to continue to practice the new skill.  {{click here}}

Students will use their own fishing poles made from twine, pencils and a magnet.  They will get to fish for their fact to match on their board. 

We just placed small paper clips on the fishing cards.  If the students caught more than one fish then they have to pick one and throw the rest back.

The first student to complete their board wins....BUT be careful not to catch a shark. You have to throw all your cards back if you catch a shark.

I introduced this activity during my small math group time and then added it to math stations.  The kids have LOVED it.  

I have also made boards for reviewing standard, model, expanded and word form of numbers. 

If you don't want to mess with the fishing poles then you can easily place all the cards in a bucket for the kids to draw from.  You decide what works best for your class.

Both activit├ęs can be picked up in my tpt store. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

As Jenna gets older I just enjoy my time with her more and more.  She is a ray of sunshine that brightens my day and I KNOW that she has that same affect on others.  

One thing that we LOVE to do is shop.  She LOVES to shop but she loves to find great deals <-she is an old soul.  She just cannot stand pay to full price for something or want me to.  Me on the other hand wouldn't think twice about paying full price for Josh, Isaiah or Jenna but when it comes to me...I feel so guilty if I do. Strange, I know.

Jenna's latest thing is hunting for great finds at thrift stores.  Which I find so ironic because I remember as a kid I would be so embarrassed when I got hand me downs or if my clothes came from {{gulp!}}.....Wal-mart and I would absolutely die right there on the spot if anyone knew my clothes came from a thrift store.  I couldn't wait to get job so that I could buy my own clothes.  Fast forward to today and for the most part we can afford anything that Jenna wants and/or needs.  So when she said "Mom, I want to go thrift store shopping"....I was like  {deep breath} "Okay, let's go."

You can see her newest Thrift Shop with Me video {here}.  We have found the funnest little place near us that sells overstock of Target, Gap, Claires, Wal-mart and a few other stores.  It is  always fun to go in see what treasures we will find.  It's not a thrift shop but we visit those too and have the best time.

Here's a peek of how we turned some Thrift Store finds into a fashion statement:

Well, I forgot to take a before pic {facepalm} but this was a plain neon orange shirt that we purchased for $0.79.  Jenna is convinced that she's going to bring back the 80s.  She says she LOVES the look.  So we added a little vinyl and it's a super cute retro shirt.

Next, we found this simple plain white t-shirt:
 We paid $1.50 and knew that it would look perfect if we turned it into a Riverdale shirt. Have you seen Riverdale?  Stop what you're doing and go watch.  We are addicted and cannot wait for the next season.  We binge watched the series over the break. So I made a shirt of the diner that they hang out in.  LOOK how cute....
Look for the video from Jenna all about how we did this. It turned out so cute.
  You should definitely pair it with a 80s!

Our last little find is just in time for Valentine's Day:

We found this cute little shirt for $1.00 and as soon as Jenna saw it she said "Let's add hearts to it."  
It turned out so cute.  It was definitely a little tricky making sure the hearts ended up on the elbows and not the tricep but we are LOVing it.
I'd say we had a very fun and successful shopping trip that allowed us to make memories and collect laughs.

These are some of my sweetest seconds...

Friday, December 29, 2017

Cold Day Recipe That Worked for Me

Baby, it's cold outside and something about having soup makes me happy on a cold day.  It's like a meal and drink all in one.  When my family LOVES something they always say "Write it Down, so you don't forget this" - but here's the problem with my recipes, it's always a little of this and a little of that - a little taste here and a little taste there!  So let's try to write this down before I forget.  Here's my little recipe of the Tomato Soup my family loves - even Jenna loved this and it has TOMATOES in it.  

Tomato Soup

1 Tbsp salted butter                                                            1 can tomato sauce

2 Tbsp finely diced onion -(I don't tell my family about this ;-)

1/2 tsp minced garlic                                            1 can Italian diced tomatoes

1 cup of heaving whipping cream                                  16 oz of chicken broth


and salt and pepper to taste.

Saute the onion and garlic in butter in a large pot. I love to cook them until they clear and little brown around the edges. 
Add the tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, chicken broth, 1 cup of water and 1 cup of heavy whipping cream.  Add little salt and pepper.  Now for the fun part...I used a had mixer and blend the tomatoes together with this fun little toy...
Yes, I use this while it's cooking on the stove.  I continue to blend until the consistency is smooth and creamy.  No chunks.  Turn the heat down, cover the pot and let it continue to sit on low heat for another 20 to 30 minutes. 

Top it with parmesan cheese and a side of Texas Toast.  This yields 4 servings. 

Now, just a reminder...I make up stuff as I'm cooking so no 2 meals in my house ever taste the same but I promised my family that I would start writing them down.  I am by no means a "good cook" but every now and then I accidentally make something that everyone loves and later I can never remember exactly what I did.  So I just putting this right here for the fam.  Feel free to try it or stay far away from it.  Whatever makes your heart happy.

Tomorrow I will post the new Christmas morning casserole that I made this year - because again, the family said "write it down".  hahaha!   Do you prepare a breakfast for Christmas morning?   

Sunday, November 5, 2017

When Your Birthday Is GUCCI

I'm sure everyone knows how much I LOVE this guy right here.

Yea, he's pretty great!  So I wanted to make sure that I got him an extra special birthday gift.  He hasn't had new cologne in yeeeeeaaarrss.  So I thought he'd probably LOVE some new cologne.  His favorite cologne is Gucci Guilty.

If you know him then you know he's not ALL FANCY and he probably wouldn't want me to share that his favorite cologne is Gucci.  But it is.

So I'm super excited for him to open his gift.  He opens his gift before school and is thrilled.  He takes it out the box and it looks like this...

He laughed and said "this looks different than what I remember and well, the gold, that's a little over the top".  It was really GOLD and wherever you touched it you would leave finger smudges.  He did several spritzes and then a few more for good measure.

After a few minutes he came in to tell me that he googled women's gucci guilty because he smells to "florally".  Guess what google showed him....

So for Josh's birthday I got myself some new perfume.  It smells great!  I wonder if he'll get me some men's cologne for my birthday??

As part of his birthday weekend we thought an overnight camping trip would be fun.  You can imagine Josh's surprise when I woke him up this morning freaking out because Bean and I saw a wild hog right outside our campsite...

If you look through Bean's amazing ears you can see it.
I cannot believe this....I've never seen a wild hog.  Especially one this big!!!  After I woke Josh up to go with us I noticed my wild hog looks an awful lot like a COW!

What is a cow doing in our campsite?? Well, that's kinda funny. I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend honey!

Monday, October 9, 2017

When the Teacher FAILS...

I don't know about you but I have been trained, trained some more and then trained again on Cultural Proficiency.  Let me tell you that I truly honor and value the differences within all the cultural communities that I serve. 

...but I'm here to share with you how in a matter of 30 seconds I completely ruined all training that I have ever been apart of.

Let me set the scene for you:

We are PUMPED, EXCITED and everyone is involved.  We are learning about common and proper nouns.  We are actually on day 3 of learning about common and proper nouns and the kids are really getting it and I am on that teacher high...just killin' the lesson.

Me: Okay class, raise your hand if you can tell me a common noun.

Student1:  baby

Me:  Yes!! (super excited and squealy teacher voice)

Me: Now, who has a baby brother or sister and wants to share their name?

Student1: Butterfly (loud and proud)

Me: Did you say "butterfly"?

Student1: Yes, butterfly. (in a soft voice, quiet voice)

Me: Well, that is a common noun but a proper noun for a butterfly would be the name of certain butterfly, like Monarch?  Now, what is your sister's name?

Student1: Butterfly

At this point another student looks at the above student1 and starts to comfort them.

Student2: It's okay, I think your sister's name is pretty.

Wait...why is this student comforting student1? What is going on? 

Me:  Your sister's name is Butterfly????!!!

What?!?! --Well, there goes my common and proper noun lesson and I fell from that teacher high real quick.

Me:  Ok, class....if your name or your sister's name is Butterfly then you must capitalize it because it is a proper noun BUT any other time we use butterfly we don't need to capitalize it.

Who would of thought "Butterfly" was a child's name???  So I am currently looking into more training as I handled that particular situation poorly.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Feeling LUCKY?!

I'm feeling Super LUCKY.  I guess I was ready to get home today after school because I apparently left in hurry. I know I was in a hurry because of the red and blue lights behind me as I was leaving my school.

And it wasn't this super cute guy.... I wasn't that lucky. ;-)

Ya'll to make it worse my registration is out.  I know it's out.  I know I need to take care of it.  I know.  I just keep forgetting.

So the officer asked if I knew that was a school zone...remember I just pulled out of the school so I'm still wearing my TEACHER BADGE.  Ugh....Yes sir, I'm sorry I think I was so focused on getting out of here.  (wait, what?! Why did I say that? What does that even mean?)

Now he wants my drivers license and I have no idea..........NONE.ZERO. why I have 2 drivers license but I do. One has my old address and one has my new address.  Guess what I CANNOT find my license in my purse that is as big as my the palm of my hand!!  How do you lose something in a wristlet???

Oh it gets better......because I am taking so long to find the correct drivers license he notices my registration.  He taps on the the window and asks if I realized my registration is out.  Officer, I'm so sorry,  my husband is a police officer and he would be so upset if he knew I was in this situation.  Yes!-I was going to take care of it.

It's about this time that I find my insurance in my wristlet in the middle of 5 tampons that all fall out on my lap in front of this officer.  Why do I even have these in here??  As I'm trying to push the tampons off my lap and unfold my insurance I notice that it is not the most current insurance.

Ya'll my face is so red and I can feel my body temperature rising to dangerous levels.  This is embarrassing.  I'm afraid he's about to take me to a mental hospital.

He then says he knows my husband....have a good day.  

Okay, if you've read this much and also think that I should be committed....I understand and you deserve a little FREEBIE for the time you've wasted reading this.

Click here for this FREEBIE
You can visit the blog that goes into a little more detail about how I use this...just click here.

Well, I guess you can say that I've had a pretty sweet day.

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Well, we have spent the past couple of days getting things checked off our TO DO list.  My classroom is ready for future leaders, scientist, doctors and world changers.  Jenna thought I needed to do a room tour so if your curious and have the time then check out my classroom.


On Saturday, I volunteered my family to help with the school garden.  I LOVE the idea of our garden and haven't really utilized it like I should.  My plan is to change that this year.  We showed up Saturday ready to help but Josh is still recovering from a herniated disc and has only been walking good for about a week.  When we showed up someone asked him to use the auger....I knew there was no way he could do that so I was like...I'LL DO IT.  

Out of the 4 men that were there only 1 didn't have a bad back.  I had already taken charge of this gigantic machine but I was thankful for Jojo's help.  I didn't think I was that much of a help until this morning.  Oh, I helped.  My back says I helped and my arms say I was a huge help.  I. AM. SORE.

We decided to bring Brew with us and put her in her crate right inside the school while we were working.  No big deal.....until the entire campus gets an email saying there was a dog found loose in the school.  What in the world?!?!  Well, apparently our school secretary showed up and heard Brew and decided to let her out for some water.  She never saw us around the corner in the garden and assumed the dog was left.  Panic.  I was am I going to explain this to my brand new boss.  This was not going to be good.

Let me just say.....I LOVE my new boss.  Love her.  I sent an email to her to explain and beg forgiveness.  She basically thought it was a funny story and said bring her anytime you want. Oh my....yay, for not having to find a new job. ;-)

We got up early this morning to finish working on the TO DO list with making play dough on the top.  

I need play dough this week for a lesson BUT I think it is also a great activity for kids the first couple days of school.  It keeps their hands and minds busy while you are greeting new students and handling paperwork.

This recipe is SUPER EASY and cheap.  

We are all set for play dough for the first day of school.

Next, I needed to get in the garage and finish up a few crafts that I started.  One of the things that Jenna wanted before school started was a Praise and Prayer board.  

She loves it and has already started using it. ;-)

A few fall porch signs because fall is my favorite.

I also decided to make Josh's coffee can for his class match his classroom theme.  That's really important.
A think a thin blue line coffee is more appropriate.  Of course he needs a sugar jar to match...

I have a feeling he is so happy that I save jars and cans.  

While I was cleaning jars I thought I'd try out a couple of teacher treat jars too.

The glare on the jars kind of throws of my color but I think they turned out cute and will make a nice teacher gift filled with chocolate.

Finally, I planned our dinners for the first week back to school.  

Other than all our first week jitters I think we are ready to get this school year started.  Have a sweet week!!